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Volunteer Opportunities

WRWA relies on its members and residents of Watershed communities to accomplish our objectives. Whether you are able to volunteer for an ongoing project or for a one-time commitment, we welcome your contributions. Here are some opportunities that are available:

  • Outreach Assistant: WRWA organizes or participates in a number of events during the year where we register participants or set up a display. Help is often needed for staffing those stations - at the fishway open house, river cleanup, town fairs, River Symposium, etc. If you'd be able to help for a couple of hours, contact Mike Young (562-8498) to discuss upcoming possibilities.

  • Trip Leader: We'd like to offer more outdoor trips within the Watershed, and are always looking for new ideas and/or leaders. If you've got a favorite spot in the watershed that you'd be willing to share with others, let us know and we'll schedule you in. Contact Mike Young (562-8498) for more information.

  • Stream-Team Members: Volunteers are needed to help survey and document key features and resources (including cultural (archaeological or historical), geological, biological (fish, wildlife, plants), recreational and economic elements of the "wild & scenic" designated stretches of the Westfield River. The information gathered will be used to develop a Westfield River Wild & Scenic Stewardship Plan that will guide and focus projects and programs to protect, interpret and enhance those resources. Work will continue during the Summer of 2009! Contact Meredyth Babcock (413) 623-2070, the Westfield River Stewardship Plan Stream-Team Coordinator for more information or to sign up!