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WRWA's Quarterly Newsletter (Archive)

The Watershed News is published four times a year in March, June, September, and December (February, April, August, and November prior to 2014). Please forward any comments or suggestions about the newsletter to our newsletter editor, Timblin Judy. You'll find links to pdf versions of all the newsletters since 2005 in the listing below. Each issue includes a president's message, articles covering upcoming and recently held events, plus occasional other pieces (some of those "special" articles are noted to the right of each issue's link below), and a listing of the contact information for current officers and board members.

March, 2018 (Wild & Scenic film festival, annual financial report for 2017)

December, 2017 (Mass Rivers Guide, Save North Pond donation)
September, 2017 (Our Watershed And An Uncertain Future, Glendale Falls)
June, 2017 (shout out to Lynn Bannon)
March, 2017 (internship update, Save North Pond, annual financial report for 2016)

December, 2016 (Knightville and Littleville, drought, Fran Siska)
September, 2016
June, 2016 (river stories, MA DEP and clean water regulations, honoring Henry Warchol)
March, 2016 (Valley Gives day, annual financial report for 2015)

December, 2015 (internship on water quality)
September, 2015 (invasives talk at Athenaeum)
June, 2015 (internship update)
March, 2015 (thanks to Demo Day supporters, annual financial report for 2014)

December, 2014 (internship program, disposal of unwanted medications, EPA draft stormwater permits, wildlife tracking talk at Athenaeum)
August, 2014
May, 2014
March, 2014 (annual financial report for 2013)

Autumn, 2013 (Trout in the Classroom replaces ASERP)
Summer, 2013 (Kinne Brook dam removal, Outsmart Invasive Species Project, stream gaging stations)
Spring, 2013 (So you want to stop invasive plants ..., final salmon stocking opportunity)
Winter, 2013 (stream connectivity talk at Athenauem, ASERP's final year)

Fall, 2012 (Chesterfield Gorge, WISPK workshop for road crews)
Summer, 2012 (legislative update)
Spring, 2012
Winter, 2012 (there's an app for that (invasives), In Memory of Alexandra Dawson and David Pardoe)

Fall, 2011 (Agawam's sewer line break, Westfield stormwater surcharge, Tropical Storm Irene)
Summer, 2011 (purple traps and Emerald Ash Borer, Kathy Meyer receives Waite Award)
Spring, 2011 (New England culvert project, garlic, Southwick CPA update, Waltershed Waltz DVD, canoe access in Westfield)
Winter, 2011 (Columbia Greenway update, WRWA advocacy, worrisome weeds, water quality monitoring, CPA update)

Fall, 2010 (steps at Glendale Falls, internship lesson, new WRWA logo)
Summer, 2010 (new WRWA administrator)
Spring, 2010 (Westfield River watershed map)
Winter, 2010 (job opportunity, Sanderson Brook Falls hike, membership update)

Fall, 2009 (In Memory of J. Kenneth Taylor, EPA reorganization, biomass referendum, letter to Governor Patrick)
Summer, 2009 (Ken Taylor receives Waite Award, trash talk, Big MOE 2009, Glendale Falls)
Spring, 2009 (invasive plant symposium, storm drain marking, Agawam Earth Day, medicine in a blossom)
Winter, 2009 (Clean Water Act citizen suit, Sanderson Brook Falls)

Fall, 2008 (Russell Biomass update, biodiversity survey, Westfield's new Conservation Coordinator, Whistler's mother & WRWA)
Summer, 2008 (Russell Biomass permit appealed, MassACORN's new interactive website)
Spring, 2008 ("The World Without Us" talk at Athenauem, Great River exhibit, Robinson State Park)
Winter, 2008 (Clean Water Act citizen suit, Sanderson Brook Falls)

Fall, 2007 (celebrating the Westfield River, Russell Eelectric Generating Plant proposal, Columbia Greenway, "C&D" materials)
Summer, 2007 (protecting and enhancing forested watersheds, WRWA Youth Committee)
Spring, 2007 (Ballou Dam removal dedication, volunteers needed for stream teams, sewage diverted into Westfield River)
Winter, 2007 (WRWA joins Clean Water Coalition, the Watershed Waltz)

Fall, 2006 (Robinson State Park update, history of Woronoco talk at Athenaeum, low impact development)
Summer, 2006 (logging in Robinson State Park, watershed action plan, valley of paradise photo contest)
Spring, 2006 (WRWA resumes storm drain stenciling program, Wild & Scenic stewardship plan, Hilltown Plein Air painters exhibit)
Winter, 2006 (Wild & Scenic update, Hurricane Katrina, Westfield River 5-year action plan, Westfield River Environmental Center)

Fall, 2005 (Atlantic salmon in New England, stream connectivity survey, Wild & Scenic photo contest, what is MEPA?)
Summer, 2005 (storm water education update, pulling stiltgrass, A&D Hydro - fish ladder and eelway, new sign in Huntington)
Spring, 2005 (Wild & Scenic update, June is river's month, history of the Westfield River)
Winter, 2005 (Five Feet and Rising - the floods of 1955, WRWA grants, salmon restoration)

Please forward any suggestions or corrections to Mike Young at myoung@westfield.ma.edu